DIR Cooperative (Co-Op)

Contracts Program

eStrategy Solutions, Inc. is proud to participate in the Texas Department of Information Resources Co-op Contract Program.

DIR Cooperative (Co-Op)

Products and Services

eStrategy Solutions, Inc. is a custom technology and service provider, primarily for state government agencies in need of solutions to meet evolving and growing regulatory challenges. The eSS Universal Portal securely unites licensure, online learning/continuing professional education, testing, audit, compliance, workshops, webinars, enforcement, user support, cost recovery and other regulatory support activities delivered to third-party individuals and/or licensees.

Service Specifications

eStrategy Solutions is a custom service provider. We are the service delivery organization that develops, powers and delivers the compliance or CE offerings desired by our client agencies and boards. Service specifications are determined by client agency needs and goals and specified in the Scope of Work.

Warranty and Return Policy

As a custom service provider, end user warranty and return policy issues are determined by the client entity and addressed in the Scope of Work, but do not apply at the service delivery level.

DIR Contract Number DIR-CP0-5049 must be included on all Purchase Orders submitted.

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Purchasing Information

eStrategy Solutions pricing is based on a 55% discount off list price. As our services are customized for each project, we work with our client/partner to understand what that "list" would look like. In most cases, our fees are reflected in the per-user/per-course registration fee to the user that averages $34.00 per course/test/activity. For DIR Customers that desire to outsource online services delivered to third-party payors/licensees, this results in a zero fiscal note to the Customer/agency for all services and does provide cost recovery opportunities to the agency.

For detailed discussion leading to scope of work and purchase order specifications, please contact John Matthews: Phone: 512-451-0100 ext 316

Administrative & Contact Information

Services: Technology Based Training
DIR Contract Number: DIR-CP0-5049
Vendor ID: 1742957873900
DIR Contract Page https://dir.texas.gov/contracts/dir-cpo-5049

eStrategy Solutions, Inc.
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Contact: Steve Matt
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